Reasons for Considering Therapy

By Licia Ginne, LMFT

Psychotherapy can still carry the stigma of something only for the weak or those who can’t stand on their own two feet. I have always had a fascination with how the therapist is portrayed in movies or television. I look at the therapist in the HBO series In Treatment and have a love / hate relationship with the show. Sometimes I think ok, this seems real and other times I am wondering what are they thinking. As I see it therapy is a place where you can go and have a trained professional help you think things through, learn to become curious about yourself and in that understanding you have more options and choices in your life. Listed below are some more reasons that may resonate with you for considering therapy.

§ You feel overwhelmed, depressed, stressed or hopeless.
§ You have feelings of panic or anxiety.
§ You are unhappy with your life as it is.
§ You have a hard time standing up for yourself.
§ You have thoughts of harming yourself or suicide.
§ You engage in self-destructive ways.
§ Are going through a divorce or separation.
§ Are not happy in your relationship or marriage.
§ You struggle in relationships, find a pattern of relationship failure.
§ You are involved in an abusive relationship.
§ You would like to improve the relationship you are in. Would like help with communication, conflict resolution and setting goals.
§ Are not happy being single.
§ You feel alone and isolated.
§ Feel your relationship is harmful to you.
§ You have concerns or questions about your alcohol or drug use.
§ You have concerns or questions about someone else’s alcohol or drug use.
§ You feel addicted to certain behaviors, i.e. sexual compulsion, repeated affairs, love or relationship obsession, as well as food, gambling, spending, relationships or alcohol and drugs.
§ Experience immobilizing fear, worry, anger or guilt.
§ Find yourself often in conflict with those at work, family or close relationships.
§ Find your anger rising out of control or losing your temper easily.
§ Have health concerns or chronic health issues.
§ Feel “stuck” in your life.
§ Recovery from past abuse.
§ Experiencing loss or grief.
§ Feel shy or socially awkward.

This list is just a starting place if you are not sure please call me or another therapist and talk over your concerns.